Cruise Styles

River Cruising in Europe

River cruises offer you the chance to see Europe's exotic lands and historical cities like you’ve never seen them before. From winding medieval streets and elegant architecture, to steamy jungles and bustling marketplaces, with a river cruise you will get closer and see more than ever before. Explore your next destination by river – book your next adventure with one of our Cruise Specialists today.

Luxury Cruise Deals

If you’re going to cruise, you may as well do it in comfort and style. A luxury cruise is the height of old-world glamour, offering well-appointed suites and spacious staterooms, private balconies and pool decks, butler services, award-winning cuisine, indulgent spa treatments, packed entertainment programs and incredible nightlife.
When you book a luxury cruise, you should expect to be blown away. To get the royal treatment on your next cruise, check out our latest luxury cruise offers below

Single Cruise Deals

Have you ever tried cruising by yourself? The experience can be fun and relaxing, and not as lonely as you might initially think. Cruising for one is not just for 'single' people who want to cruise – single cruising is just, jumping onboard by yourself. So, you can be single and cruise solo, or married and cruise on your own. Either way, you will be able to breathe it all in, make your own choices, and have a cruise experience all of your own – it’s liberating!
Single cruisers can often expect to pay extra for their cabin, but our expert cruise consultants can help to source you the best solo cruise deal!

Special Event Cruising

If you're one of those people who love celebrating Australian holidays & events, then why not celebrate in style and comfort onboard a cruise ship! Swap the Christmas stress for relaxation, wave in the New Year with the ultimate party at sea, treat the kids to an Easter egg hunt on board or get away for the Australia Day long weekend.
Whatever holiday you might be planning whether its for Christmas, New Year's Australia Day or Melbourne Cup we have the right cruise deal for you! To book, call one of our Cruise Specialists on 9211 1599 today!

Senior Cruise Deals

These days, more and more cruise ships are catering for senior travellers, so just because you've reached a certain age doesn't mean you can't enjoy a fantastic holiday. Cruises can be as relaxing or as active as you like – you can choose to cruise on a dedicated seniors or adults-only cruise, or pick an open-aged cruise and just take part in activities that interest you.

Adventure & Expeditionary Cruise Deals

Do you want to explore lost mountain citadels, zip-line over South American jungles, paddle a canoe down an African river or experience the Polar Regions? Then adventure and expeditionary cruising is for you!
Adventure cruises are driven by the destination and expeditionary cruising experience, rather than by the allure of a particular vessel. Adventure cruises are usually on smaller ships that are able to navigate narrow and shallow waterways that are otherwise inaccessible to other ships. These smaller vessels also carry fewer passengers, enabling adventure cruise operators to deliver a more personal and fulfilling experience for passengers. But, some cruise lines do offer adventure cruises on mega-liners, so your opportunities for a combination of adventure and luxury are endless.

Cruise about Journeys

Do you want to see more of the world, have life-changing experiences & create memories that last a lifetime? Meet our Cruiseabout Journeys - tailor-made travel itineraries, individually crafted to create unique travel experiences to destinations all over the world. As the Cruise Specialists, each Journey has an ocean or river cruise component, plus a combination of airfares, accommodation, land or rail tours, or transfers that complement the cruise journey and turn it into a truly extraordinary travel experience.

Family Cruise Deals

A family cruise is an adventure for all ages, from the young to the young-at-heart. There is truly something for everyone, from toddlers to teenagers, to nan and pop. Plus, with all food, accommodation and entertainment included, it's great value too!
But, this value isn't a secret, and as more and more families take to cruising, it is important to book early! The popularity of a family cruise means that the limited children's space onboard each ship can fill up quickly!